Passing Diminished Scales

For those of you not familiar with Passing Diminished Scales here is a brief description. Passing Diminished Scales are used over Passing Diminished Chords. Passing Diminished Chords exist between the diatonic chords of a key center. So if we took the Diatonic Chords of C Major i.e. C Major 7, D minor 7, E minor 7, F Major 7, G Dominant 7, A minor 7 and B minor 7b5 and placed a Diminished Chord between each diatonic chord where there is an available 1/2 step, and we would get the following:

       C Major 7, C#°7, D minor 7, D#°7, E minor 7, F Major 7, F#°7, G Dominant 7, G#°7, A minor 7, A#°7, B minor 7b5

we could also have descending Passing Diminished Chords:

        B minor 7b7, Bb°7, A minor 7, Ab°7, G Dominant 7, Gb°7, F Major 7, E minor 7, Eb°7, D minor 7, Db°7

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